Produits innovants et services pour l’industrie des revêtements

Une Journée Portes Ouvertes pour tous les professionnels de l’industrie de la Peinture Anti-Corrosion a eu lieu le 8 Octobre dernier dans les locaux de la société ISERE EPOXY-TTRA à Moirans - France, à l’occasion du lancement de sa nouvelle activité réservée au secteur des Revêtements Thermoplastiques pour les surfaces en Métal et en Béton.

Tecno Supply – Division of IBIX Srl is attending the 2nd edition of the International Field Joint Coating Conference this week, from the 22nd till the 24th of September at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London – UK.

The conference represents an important and unmissable opportunity for all the professionals of the Oil & Gas Industry, such as: engineers, researchers, manufacturers, coaters, contractors, pipeline owners and operators, etc.

This year, the attendees will have the chance to meet all the latest developments in materials, products and technologies for FJCs and other field-applied solutions for the pipelines coating.

Tecno Supply – Division of IBIX Srl will take this opportunity to present its Spartacus Oil & Gas, the perfect Flame Spray Coating System for Pipe Contractors, along with the Pat. Pend. Centurion Gun, the new Spartacus application gun with wider spray pattern.

To find out more on our Spartacus Flame Spray Technology, click here.

This week, Tecno Supply went to Hillerstorp, Sweden, to attend a three days training meeting held by HangOn, the worldwide renowned Swedish Brand producer of hanging, masking and handling systems, distributed throughout the Italian territory by Tecno Supply on an exclusive basis.

This technical refresher course allowed us to analyze the new commercial scenarios as a result of the current economic situation and to meet the new smart solutions developed by HangOn, which Tecno Supply will be happy to export all over Italy.

For our sales agents and managers, this meeting represented the chance of visiting HangOn head office, an important company, with big strengths, core competencies and influences on the international market. Besides all the work and learning activities, for both the teams this was also the opportunity to spend some leisure time together.

Thanks to HangOn for giving Tecno Supply this amazing opportunity, for its availability, its extraordinary welcome and, first of all, for being part of such a fruitful professional relationship that, for years, has led to big results and satisfactions.

On Tuesday 26th of May 2015, over one hundred Saudi Arabian technicians, engineers and other professionals working in the metal and concrete corrosion protection industry met in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to celebrate the launching of a new Tecno Supply partner’s division for Eco-Friendly Thermoplastic Coatings.

EcoCoating is the new, exclusive distributor of Tecno Supply latest Technology in Thermoplastic Coating Systems for innovative, environmentally-friendly and long lasting Waterproof Protective Coatings.

EcoCoating’s main purpose is to develop a proper franchise network with IBIX-Tecno Supply Hercules and Spartacus Portable Thermoplastic Flame Spray Coating Technology for Concrete and Metals. 

For more information, have a look at EcoCoating official Website:

On 8 June 2015, the gates will open on another upbeat edition of INTERSCHUTZ in Hannover, Germany. Staged every five years, the fair is a rare opportunity for companies and emergency services organizations from around the world to present their latest fire prevention, disaster relief, rescue, safety and security innovations to an international audience. 

IBIX - Tecno Supply will be there, along with Plascoat, at Stand C52 Hall 13, to introduce the latest Inner Blasting and Thermoplastic Lining Technology.

Some of the most important products of IBIX, such as the Automatic Cylinder Roational Lining Equipment "RotoCoat 2H" and the Spray Lining Equipment "TS Spray Liner", will be presented at the exhibition, while Pascoat will take the opportunity to show the efficiency of its PPA 665 and 665XL Thermoplastic Coating Powders.